The integration of Mileage
and the blockchain Encountering Paragon Pay in Everyday Life

Paragon Pay introduces a new paradigm
for mileage payments through blockchain.

Creating Personal Blockchain Wallets

Paragon Pay Wallet

Creating Personal
Blockchain Wallets

Through a blockchain wallet, you can check the amount of virtual currencies you hold, exchange them, and convert them into points.

Offering Various Benefits to Participants

Reward Pool

Offering Various Benefits
to Participants

We create a circular ecosystem by providing tokens deposited in the reward pool as rewards.

Rational and Secure Payment System

Paragon Pay Payment

Rational and
Secure Payment System

You can use your PARAGON holdings for real-world offline store payments and on the platform's Marketplace.

Paragon Pay Marketplace


Paragon Pay Marketplace

Purchase various products, services, and gift cards on Paragon Pay's marketplace. Trusted Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Technology

Reliable Blockchain Technology


Records and securely stores all types of information in the blockchain, building trust.


Accesses relevant information through complex digital transactions, detailed product record-keeping, storage, and tracking.


Converts various types of information into code using mathematical encryption algorithms, storing countless records on computers.


Protects transaction information and user personal information in the blockchain.


Token Information

Token issuance plan
Token Name Paragon Pay (PARAGON) Token Type ERC-20
Total Supply 500,000,000 PARAGON Decimal Point 18
Token issuance plan
Token Name Paragon Pay (PARAGON)
Token Type ERC-20
Total Supply 500,000,000 PARAGON
Decimal Point 18

Token Address:0xfe65601137c67537789Ce33fa0D49Df10F974F5E

Token distribution plan
  • Token Sale (35%)175,000,000,000 PARAGON
  • Ecosystem (30%)150,000,000 PARAGON
  • Marketing (15%)75,000,000 PARAGON
  • Foundation (10%)50,000,000 PARAGON
  • Development (5%)25,000,000 PARAGON
  • Advisor (5%)25,000,000 PARAGON


Paragon Pay aims to progress toward
the next-generation platform offering various benefits.

  • 2023.2Q
    Conceptualization of the Paragon Pay Project
  • 2023.3Q
    Establishment of the Paragon Pay Ecosystem
    Research of Paragon Pay Policy
  • 2023.4Q
    Development of planning for the Paragon Pay platform
    Launch of PARAGON token development
  • 2024.1Q
    Testing and launching of the Paragon Pay platform
    Planning for entry into the global market
    Proceeding with the listing on global exchanges
  • 2024.2Q
    Expansion of Paragon Pay partnership




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  • Representative: Eom Sang-yong
  • Company Registration Number : 845-87-02834

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